Artificial Intelligence. AI Fiction turned into Reality


There was a time when people were afraid that someday ‘Sky net’ will take over the world. Obviously, the concept of computers replacing humans considered as science fiction then. But now, this fiction is turning into reality with every passing minute. If you look around, you’ll see that we control our homes with Google Home and Alexa, our factories are using robots to assemble cars and our phones are now smart enough to tell us which champagne will taste better with the food we’re eating. All of this became possible due to mankind’s ability to turn fiction into reality. Artificial Intelligence aka AI which was just a fiction once is here now and is evolving as you are reading this very line.  

Artificial Intelligence AI
Artificial Intelligence AI

A.I. The beginning 

The concept of AI was first presented by John McCarthy in 1956. But the journey to understand a machine’s capability to think was triggered long before that. “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” was published in 1950 by Alan Turing in which he discussed the ability of machines being able to work as human beings and to do intelligent things. Even now, every AI has to pass a test called the Turing Test. A Turing test is used to determine whether an AI can think like a human or not.  fitbit charge 3 setup

At that time, the concept of AI was very vague. Experts weren’t even sure what will happen when computers will be able to think. For example, experts present an argument called ‘Chinese room’. According to this concept, we provide notes to a computer, written in Chinese. Now, it’s possible for the computer to generate responses for those notes in Chinese but will it actually be able to understand what’s written in the notes?  

Where is AI standing now? 

In the last two decades, a lot of work was done by the AI field. From Alexa and Siri to deep face technology, smart homes to the world’s first robot citizen ‘Sophia’, all of these examples reflect the rapid growth of the AI field.  

Let’s see some of the latest achievements of Artificial Intelligence AI:-  

Tesla Cars 

Artificial Intelligence AI
Artificial Intelligence AI

Just imagine that you say ‘Tesla Come’ and your car comes to you itself! Amazing right? Tesla has been working on intelligent cars for a while now. It has given some quite cool features to its cars like self-driving, voice command, and predictive abilities, etc. Tesla aims to make its cars smarter and more intelligent by using more advanced algorithms and neural network techniques.  

Virtual Assistants 

Artificial Intelligence AI

The concept of virtual assistants is that they assist humans in various daily tasks. Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri are renowned virtual assistants in the market now. These virtual assistants are based on Artificial Intelligence and have tons of cool features. Voice recognition, home control, and smart search are some of the salient features of Alexa and Siri.  


It’s not just a movies site! It’s something more than that. Netflix is considered one of the biggest visual entertainment platforms in the world. It remembers your taste in movies based on your previous choices and then analyzes billions of entries in its database to suggest films.  

Pandora AI 

Pandora is another perfect example that reflects the excellence of Artificial Intelligence. It’s basically a music streaming platform that uses AI to determine your taste. This platform has a fantastic track record in recommending songs that people go unnoticed generally but like by some special people.  

Nest Thermostat  

Nest thermostat is an artificially intelligent thermostat which was acquired by Google in 2014. It uses behavioral algorithms to learn about user’s heating and cooling needs and then adjusts the temperature accordingly. It can also be controlled through voice command using Alexa. The Nest is also launching smart cameras now for security purposes.  

Deep Face Technology 

The Deep face is a technology launched by Facebook. It uses the Deep learning facial recognition system to identify human faces in digital images. It was trained over 4 million images uploaded by the Facebook users and uses a nine-layer net and 120 million connection weights. According to the guys at Facebook, the Deep Face method reaches an accuracy of 97.3%.  

The skyborg 

AI has found its way into military equipment, and now the US is working on a program called ‘skyborg’ which focuses on building artificial intelligent drones and fighter jets. skyborg’s AI will assist pilots in aerial combats and will be able to predict attacks. However, the military is still not sure about handing over control to AI in a real combat situation. Plus, there’s always a threat of system getting hacked by involving too much tech.  

Can AI be a threat? 

No! Machines aren’t going to take over the world (Well, for now).  

It has always been humanity’s worst nightmare that someday ‘Skynet’ will go live and will erase humans from the face of this planet. Actually, we can’t deny this possibility. Latest advancements in AI are so much power that they might become a threat to humanity someday. With Neural networks based on genetic algorithms, AI devices are now able to not only learn new things but also create new things from scratch.  

What will happen when an AI will realize that it can access any online data? What will happen if an AI realizes that it is smarter and faster than humans? These are some of those questions which linger in the minds of people who have seen Terminator.  

“Success in creating AI would be the biggest event in human history. Unfortunately, it might also be the last, unless we learn how to avoid the risks.” 

Stephen Hawking 


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