Fitbit won’t charge? What to do?


Should you notice bulging and bowing, it seems warped or anything strange. Or you see other indicators your battery is bloated, touch Fitbit support. Don’t try to control or use the Fitbit.

Try different electricity sources for your charging Fitbit.

When the rear of your Fitbit appears ordinary, confirm you seated the Fitbit Versa its charger correctly. If you join any other apparatus to the same energy supply, disconnect them and attempt charging your Fitbit again.

As soon as you join everything correctly, proceed with your Fitbit charger to another power socket, a power lender, or even a USB port. After that, consider charging. Do not use a USB hub–those frequently do not encourage charging your Fitbit.

fitbit charge 3 setups provides you set-wise guidance.

It is always worthwhile to look at the charging vents and be sure you don’t possess any dirt or debris stuck inside it.

Dust and debris may collect over time and stop a fee for many electronics.  

When you’ve tried the restart/factory resetting several occasions to no avail, then your very best choice is to reach out to Fitbit service and ask them to ship you a replacement charger.

The odds are that Fitbit service offers you a free replacement charging device because the issue is widespread by now, and also the Fitbit community is busy in pursuing this problem with the client services.

If you’re pressed for time or discover that there’s a backlog for replacement chargers to your Fitbit Versa, then you have a peek at our recommended chargers and then give one of them a try. There are numerous chargers available on the market for under $10. See fitbit charge-3 setup by clicking here.

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Stick into the Fitbit manufacturer or accredited 

Naturally, Fitbit advises users to stay with the official Fitbit charger rather than some third party one.

Using these more affordable replacement chargers. You can confirm that the matter isn’t with your Fitbit Watch but using all the charging cradle itself.

And while we’ve got recommendations for third-party chargers to your Fitbit Versa Series. We always suggest that you browse through consumer testimonials to determine whether the item is the ideal match for you.

We hope you found that the hints in this brief article helpful. In case you’ve got a touch to assist a Fitbit that is not charging. Then please let us know in the comments and cover it forward!

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