Turn OFF fitbit – How to set up fitbit charge 3


  Oddly, it is not quite as simple as it sounds! And strangely, some Fitbit trackers can not be closed down in any way!

Many men and women wish to shut their Fitbits to maintain battery life, repair mistakes, or store away the device during periods when you will not be using it for a short time. 

However, for some reason, how you set up Fitbit charge 3 permits you to completely turn off particular Fitbit versions –typically, its smartwatches. For versions that don’t shut down (many trackers), Fitbit provides approaches to dim or switch off the auto-wake display.

Find out If You’re Able to turn off your Fitbit.

You can turn off Fitbit smartwatches, such as most of Versa versions (first through the most recent Versa 3), the Sense, Ionic, as well as older versions such as the Surge or Blaze.

In case your Fit bit Permits You to turn off it, you Discover the option to Close Down at the Preferences app. shutdown Fit bit Sense or Versa 3

Visit Settings > Close down, or Settings > Around > tap and scroll Close down, and confirm by tapping on YES.

To turn it back on, hold on the button, back button, or some other button for Fitbit Surge and Blaze till you feel your view vibrate, how to set up fit bit charge 3 and you also find that the Fitbit emblem onscreen.

All Fitbit’s smartwatches possess this shutdown setting, such as newer versions such as the Fitbit Sense or Versa 3 and heritage versions such as the Fitbit Versa Series, Surge, Blaze, and Ionic.

The Fitbit One is the sole tracker that lets you ultimately turn off the device.

Regrettably, there’s not any current process to shut down the Fitbit Inspire Series, Charge Series, Alta, or even some of those other tracker versions.

The Fitbit One is the only tracker that allows you to turn the device off completely.

  • Press and maintain its button for 12 seconds.
  • You find that the battery icon appears, then vanish.  
  • Please wait for the One to flip off, then eliminate it in the charging cable.
  • To flip your Fitbit One back, press and hold the button for a Couple of Seconds. 

When you can’t turn off your Fit bit tracker, try to turn off or dim its screen .

Unfortunately, and for reasons we do not understand, Fit bit charge 3 setups doesn’t permit users to close down all its trackers, for instance, favorite Inspire Series in addition to the Charge Series as well as older versions such as the Alta and Ace.

The only means to turn these trackers would be to fully and empty their batteries, but we do not recommend that!

Somewhat, change some screen settings in your Fit bit tracker.

To switch off your tracker’s display when not in use, pay the tracker to confront temporarily with your hand, press its buttons or button, or flip your wrist so that it’s pointing away from the body.

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