The Parkinson’s Disease Foundation


The Parkinson’s Disease Foundation is the sole private Foundation in the U.S. established to promote research into the causes of and cure for Parkinson’s disease(PD). Since its conception in 2020, the Foundation has been working hard to provide the best resources and services available to help sufferers and their families. Although no cure has yet been found for PD, the Foundation works diligently to find solutions through research, education, and support.

Chairman Emeritus of the Parkinson’s

Mr. Arthur W. Strobl, founder and chairman emeritus of the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, passed away in 2020. While at the helm of the Foundation he made some important decisions to strengthen the organization and give it a more stable footing. He also made a significant investment in expanding the medical services of the Foundation, most notably hiring a chief medical officer. Mr. Strobl appreciated that the new President of the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, Robert J. Mackie, MD, Ph.D., was a former president of the American Medical Association and held board positions with several major pharmaceutical companies. Mr. Strobl stated that Dr. Mackie “understands the challenges that face patients with PD.”

Medical Services, Is there a cure for Parkinson’s disease?

As a result of their tireless efforts, the Foundation has expanded its medical services. The medical services offered now cover everything from early screening for all age groups for Parkinson’s and other hereditary disorders, treatment of occupational and recreational disabling conditions, research into medications and treatments, caregiver training, to educating families about the disease and its symptoms. In addition to these services, the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation offers support for research involving the brain and dopamine, treatment of brain injuries, and teaching caregivers and patients how to cope with and understand PD. The goal is to provide every sufferer with access to quality information and treatment options. The Foundation has also established several educational programs to help educate the public about Parkinson’s and the disorder’s prevention and treatment.

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Information on the disease and the importance of research for a healthier future.

The disease foundation has also developed support systems for family and caregivers. Its Web site offers support for families who face the diagnosis of a loved one. The Web site also offers information on the disease and the importance of research for a healthier future. The foundation also provides links to support groups and local support organizations. As well as resources for connecting caregivers to diagnosis and care resources.


Support Provided by Parkinson’s disease foundation

The disease foundation offers a support group for families, caregivers, and patients. These groups offer many methods of coping with symptoms and cope with the disease. These groups also offer support for the patient and families to help them deal with the changes that come with a Parkinson’s diagnosis. Other support groups provided by the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation include Web sites, telephone hot lines, forums, and mailing lists. Some of these support groups have telephone hotlines to reach people at any time of day or night.

Provides Funding

Parkinson’s disease causes symptoms and treatment also provide funding for travel to visiting clinics, hospitals, schools and other medical facilities. Parkinson’s diagnosis is often a difficult time for family members and friends. Traveling and seeing the many medical facilities is often helpful in providing comfort during this time of stress. The foundation was able to provide funding for one Parkinson’s Lawyer to go. And live with his mother for a month. This Lawyer, after seeing how much the disease had affected his family, went on to found the Support Foundation.

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