Can a Sinus Infection While Pregnancy Hurt the Baby?


Can A Sinus Infection During Pregnancy Hurt The Baby?

A question “Can A Sinus Infection During Pregnancy Hurt The Baby?” many women ask themselves and unfortunately, yes. A sinus infection can be quite painful for a woman during pregnancy, even if she takes medication to alleviate the symptoms. If you are wondering if sinusitis can affect your baby, then you may be worried about a number of things, including the possibility of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS.

Home Remedies To Alleviate Pain

Before we answer that question, let’s look first at some home remedies that can be used to alleviate pain and pressure from the sinuses while pregnant. One such home remedy is a hot water bottle. Hot water bottles can be placed next to the bed to ensure proper breathing throughout the night. The heat from a hot water bottle can help to draw away mucus which can prevent drainage from the sinuses. This can be especially true for those who are suffering from a severe bout of colds during pregnancy, as the colds can cause congestion, thus worsening the pressure and sinus infection jaw pain from the sinuses.

Another thing to consider is using warm salt water to rinse your face. Although warm salt water can alleviate some sinusitis symptoms, it should not be used on a regular basis. Remember that sinusitis actually causes by a swelling of the lining of the sinus passages. Therefore, rinsing your face with warm water can increase swelling, further aggravating the sinus infection and bringing you a sinus headache. This is especially true if you have had a cold or sinus infection before pregnancy.

Herbal Remedies

There are also herbal remedies that can use to treat sinusitis during pregnancy. One such herb, Echinacea, is known to boost the immune system of the body. This can help to fight off sinusitis and other infections. Goldenseal is another herb that said to effective against sinusitis. However, it should not be taken by pregnant women.

Other home remedies to treat sinus headaches and other ailments include taking hot baths or applying hot compresses to the forehead. These natural methods can reduce swelling and relieve the pressure from the sinuses. However, hot baths can cause your sinuses to become more inflamed and swollen, which can be harmful to your baby. Also, applying hot compresses can be dangerous if you do not know how much heat to apply and how often. Therefore, consulting your health care provider is a good idea in determining the best home remedies for your specific situation.

The most common symptom of a sinus infection swollen face one side and pregnancy is constant pressure or pain in the forehead, cheeks, or eyes. Some women report having a feeling of pressure on their sinuses while they are pregnant. This can also happen if you are suffering from post-nasal drip. Can A Sinus Infection During Pregnancy Hurt The Baby?

Natural Home Remedies

Another natural home remedies for sinusitis and pregnancy is drinking hot water. Drinking plenty of hot water can help to open up your sinuses and relieve some of your pressure. However, this can oftentimes be very dehydrating, especially if you do not have a lot of heat to give to the sinuses. In addition, hot water can also cause a burning sensation on your face, forehead, and other parts of your head from the warm water. see sinus infection home remedy ACV.


Finally, there are herbal home remedies that can help relieve any sinus infection and pregnancy symptoms. Some of these herbs can help to relieve the pain of a sinus headache and other sinus infections that you might be experiencing. However, before taking any herbs, it is important to consult with your doctor. These home remedies can be effective in relieving some of the symptoms of pregnancy, but as always, if you need medical treatment, you should always make sure that you are going to a doctor for your particular symptoms.


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