What Are the Possible Side Effects of HPV Vaccine?


HPV vaccination is currently the most effective way to prevent genital warts and is particularly beneficial for women of childbearing age. However, there are a few side effects of the vaccine that parents need to be aware of. Some children experience mild symptoms after receiving the vaccine, but these usually disappear within a week or two and are not a cause for alarm. Which age group is appropriate to receive the 2-dose hpv9 vaccine series? HPV symptoms in young women may include an itching sensation on the area of vaccination, a yellow rash, and persistent pain. This tend to resolve quickly in these cases.

HPV Vaccination Evaluate in the US

There are several HPV vaccination programs currently being evaluated in the United States. In September 2020, Gardasil was released for girls ages eleven to sixteen years. The vaccine is recommended for all female students in grades nine through twelve in both genders. Both men and women need to understand HPV vaccine safety when deciding to receive the vaccine. Talking to your paediatrician is the best way to determine the possible side effects of the vaccine.

Side Effects of HPV Vaccine

One of the possible side effects of HPV vaccination is a mild fever. Generally, this occurs in people who have already had some illness before receiving the vaccine. If you develop a severe fever soon after you have vaccinated, then it is likely that you have become infected with HPV, even though at the time you did not have any symptoms. Because most women do not know they are infected with HPV when they are not pregnant, they tend not to get further medical treatment until they become pregnant.

Another possible side effects of the HPV vaccine include minor swelling and pain at the injection site. This tends to occur in the early weeks after being vaccinated. The pain will usually subside within a few days to a week. You may also notice that your skin is red, tender, and warm to the touch. These side effects subside after two to four weeks and can quickly treat by taking over the counter pain medication.

Symptoms with No Side Effects

If you do not experience these symptoms, then you will have no side effects. However, if you do share any of these symptoms, then you should contact your physician immediately. Swelling and redness can accompanie by pain, nausea, headaches, vomiting, and a fever.  Each of these reactions will last anywhere from one to three weeks. Most of the time, the swelling and redness will go away, and the pain will go down as the infection clears up.

While serious side effects of the HPV vaccination have not identified yet, it is essential to note that these problems are rare. HPV infection rarely leads to cancer. It can lead to abnormal cell growth in the genital area, but the body quickly clears them. Swelling and redness caused by the HPV vaccine have known to occur in about one out of every 150 cases. This is a rate that is a lot slower than the rates of severe conditions caused by the HPV infection, such as cervical cancer.

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