Corona Virus Worldwide Updates and Cases


Corona virus worldwide

With the ever increasing climate changes, many viruses are spreading every day. With the increasing awareness about the disease, many people are showing concern to protect themselves from the possible hazards. To this end, many people have resorted into vaccination against such diseases. One such vaccination is the vaccines against the Corona Virus worldwide.

Corona Virus:

Japan –

The Corona Virus has been one of the most deadly and contagious viruses of this century. Since its discovery in Japan in 1993, more than thirty thousand Japanese people have fallen victim to the disease. This deadly disease is caused by a special skill of human to create a vortex around itself, which can be in the shape of a ball or egg. When the vortex created touches another person, this can cause serious problems.

United States of America – California

The United States of America has also been hit by this deadly virus. The Corona Virus Worldwide has claimed lives in the state of Arkansas. The cases have crossed into Arizona, Maryland, and Massachusetts. The US citizen’s have been diagnosed with this virus in Long Island, New York and Texas. It was discovered that the cross Atlantic journey of the Corona Virus had led to the United States of America.

The United States Government has released an alarming report on the alarming situation; the Coronaviruses has claimed the lives of more than twenty-five thousand people in twelve countries of the world. The United States has declared a Coronaviruses emergency and is asking all American citizens to inform them about any new cases they might come across. The number of cases has risen since the first case was diagnosed in February of this year. The total number of people exposed to this fatal virus is over ninety-five hundred. The entire epidemic has been labeled a pandemic.

Asia to North America

The cases are still increasing steadily, according to the researchers. The researchers have yet to find out what causes this deadly virus to cross over from Asia to North America, but it is assumed that the recent increase in illegal drugs in China has something to do with it. The main danger is therefore caused when the addicts try to inject themselves with the tainted blood, which is often found in refuse bins. These refuse bins are often found in major cities and are very well hidden.

Corona Virus Cases

The statistics so far show that more than two hundred and seventy-one cases have been diagnosed. This figure includes those who have died from the disease. Those who have been diagnosed are mostly men between the ages of eighteen and forty. In spite of these figures, the figure of GDP growth is still increasing steadily, thus far, at about fifteen percent annually.

Some analysts are of the opinion that the number of cases so far is way too low. They believe that the real figure might be much higher as only ten percent of tested cases have turned out to be positive. However, a high percentage of people are yet to get tested for the corona virus. Therefore, the challenge still lies ahead, and researchers are working feverishly to contain the problem. A lot of effort is being put into finding a cure for the dreaded disease.

In spite of all the data available on the recent outbreak, the situation is still alarming. More cases of this disease are being reported every day. It is expected that the numbers will keep rising as the world remains unprepared for its next outbreak. Therefore, vaccines for the new strain of this viral menace are urgently required around the world. If the US, Canada, California, Europe, and Japan can successfully combat the swine flu pandemic, then the possibility of global containment of the corona virus is very remote.


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