How Many Pints Of Blood In The Human Body?


Study says that there are 8 pints of blood in the human body, but actually, it depends upon the size of the human body or some other factors. A new baby born with a cup of blood in it. Infants has 80 milliliters of blood and child has 70 to75 milliliters of blood depend upon the body weight in kg. The female with average body sized have 9 pints of blood. Men with average body size have 12 pints of blood.

SO this means that if check how many pints of blood a human body hang on its body and gender too. An average adult have 4 to 5 pints of blood but a healthy body have 10-12 pints of blood.  Not just only gender and size but also depends on age.

Normal Hemoglobin level by age group

Normal Hemoglobin level by age group

How much blood do we produce a day?

Millions of red cell made every seconds by our body. Stem cells helps to create these new blood cell in bone marrow. Every healthy person’s body can do this procedure through life time.

There are some parts of human blood, Red and white blood, Platelets and plasma. Red cells carry oxygen and carbon dioxide and white cells help defend against harmful diseases. Platelets stop the flow of bleeding and plasma supports immune system and other parts of body.

Human Blood

Human Blood

If your body have blood deficiency, drink plenty of water and eat some iron containing foods. It’s just take weeks to restore and build up your body blood level.

How the body maintains blood levels?

Our circulatory system have full responsibility of blood around the body.  The heart pumps blood and delivers to body organs through vessels. Not just it’s the heart work, others organs also impact a lot. Like kidneys balanced the fluid. Bone marrow in bones produce blood cells.

Creation of Red Blood cells:

If body needs to maintain and build up new red blood cells, to replace your loss of red cell after blood donation or other reasons. This work mostly done by our kidneys.  There are cells in kidney named “peritubular cells” that sense the level of oxygen in blood.

If this oxygen level below the average, it start secreting a protein “erythropoietin”. It goes to bone marrow through bloodstreams. Erythropoietin gives signals to the bone marrow to build new red cells rather than white or platelets. And stem cells in bone marrow create new blood cells.

Red Blood Cell

Red Blood Cell

Iron Level:

Iron level maintaining is very important step of maintain blood level. If your body iron is out of storage, and you are not following doctor procedure and not taking dietary production and medication. Iron in your body deplete and hemoglobin of your body falls.

The level of iron stores in blood in the form of 2 proteins, ferritin and haemosiderin. Ferritin can stores 70% of iron in gents and 80% of iron in females.

After donation, people can restore their hemoglobin within 2 to 3 months.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q#1: Blood volume changes in pregnant women?

A normal sized fetus and healthy mother with birth weight of 3.3 kg. Her plasma is increased by an average of 1250 ml.

Q#2: Do you know what the normal blood percentage is?

Normal blood have plasma rate of 55% and Blood cells and blood corpuscles is of 45%.

Q#3: Can a human survive with loss of 8 pints of blood?

Yes, but losing this too much blood is a massive hemorrhage. SO there is at least 20% to 50% change of survival with the help service from blood bank.

Q#4: How many ml of blood in Human body?

Between 5000 to 6000 ml are in average human body.

Q#5: Do you know how much is 1 pint of blood?

1 pint of blood is equal to 473 ml.

Q#6: Is 19 pints of blood in your body is life threatening?

Actually yes, as your body is holding twice more blood as average (7 – 8 pints), so its dangerous.