What is Accu Chek Aviva Test Strips?


Roche Diabetes Care has solicited a scan onset groups of its Accu-Chek Aviva and Performa test strips.

The review is significant as utilizing the influenced clump of strips could bring about readings that are either excessively high or excessively low, which could prompt treatment blunders.

The organization report that a few strips in these clusters might give mistake messages when embedded into the blood glucose meter, while other test strips may not give blunder messages but rather may at present give wrong readings. https://www.diabetes.co.uk

Test strips in the Accu-Chek Performa Nano blood glucose unit:

  • 10153116
  • 10153114
  • 10153115
  • 10153112
  • 10153111

The parcel numbers can be found on the highest point of the cases of test strips and on the test strip tubs.

See the outline above for direction on where to discover the part numbers.

What to do if your Accu Chek test bar is altered?

On the off chance that your test strips are influenced, it is significant that you quit utilizing the test strips. In the event that you have some unaffected test strips, utilize those.


If it’s not too much trouble return any influenced parcels to the drug store they originated from. The drug store might most likely give a substitution pack or generally prompt you on what to do.

Client questions :

What is the expiry date of these strips on the off chance that I purchase today?

Hello, do these strips deal with any screen? bless your heart.

Do these strips follow a code key? Does my code key say the strips are terminated which is the reason I need new strips?aerobic exercise examples


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