At Home Female Chest workout with Dumbbells


Do you fed up with pushups and other chest exercises? Females always do Pushups when it comes to building pec muscles. But if pushups are hard to do, you should develop other chest and back workout female. Female chest workout at home with dumbbells provide you a unique chest with outstanding benefits and helps in breast development . For females, building pec muscles is as essential as train their backs. Building your muscles with dumbbells from top to bottom provides you bigger, stronger pec muscles.

Chest exercises warm-up:

Before starting every exercise, you should warm up your muscles first. Warm up for some minutes, preventing your body from injuries. 3 Warm-up movements for the chest and upper body are below. Use these warm-ups to activate your chest muscles for lifting dumbbells.

  1. Arm Circles: 

    Stand tall with straighten your arm, and make a T-shape. Make ten circular movements with both arms clockwise + anti-clockwise directions. Then do it with one arm at a time.


  1. Inchworm: 

    Stand tall, draw your hands downwards until it touches the floor. Now walk with your hands and make a plank position. In this position, step with your feet and reach your hands. And again, with this cycle. Continue it several times.


At Home Female chest workout with Dumbbells

  •  Chest Press

The chest press is the workout of the arms, shoulder, and chest. Ultimately it is a stretch exercise to strengthen the upper body. First, do it for both arms ten times, then 10 reps for alternative arms.

Chest Press

Chest Press


  1. Lie down and bend your knees with feet pressing the floor.
  2. Pressing your shoulder, back, and feet towards the ground.
  3. Grab dumbbells facing palm forward direction.
  4. Now, slowly push forward your arm, pressing away from your shoulder until it gets straight.
  5. Move it back towards your chest and continues this cycle.
  • Straight Arm Press Backs

This is the other chest workout at home with dumbbells. Straight Arm Press is the slow anti-clockwise movement of arms. Keep the focus on your posture or form, like make your back tight and neutral spine. Otherwise, you end up with worse pain and injury.

Straight Arm Press Backs


  1. Make your feet shoulder-width apart and place dumbbells on your arms and stay on the knee to support.
  2. Keep the back parallel to the ground and bend knees to make a slight squat posture.
  3. Keep your hands free. And slightly move it backward, pass through the hip bone, hold for a sec, and return to its mean position.
  4. Try to keep other body parts stationary.

You can build chest muscles by just doing Female chest workout at home with dumbbells. Also Add them in your weekly training program.