Extravagant Chest Exercises at Home — PushUps Routine


Do you have a sagging chest and want to sculpt your pec muscles perfectly? Do you want a widespread chest and shoulder without going to the gym? Your chest muscles are the most important in your upper body. And Both men and women wish to have a toned and shredded chest. Everyone wants to develop Chest exercises at home without any.

The chest muscles are of two primary tissues in the upper body — “pectoralis major” and “pectoralis minor.” These muscles are also called pecs. The majority of the chest is covered with these two muscles and trained these muscles to help you drop some pounds and build your chest. To trained these muscles easily at home, Techealthinfo crafted two tailored workouts for you guys.

Upper & Lower Chest exercises at home

In the gym, to build the upper chest, the best exercises are inclined bench, barbell, and dumbbells bench press. But At home, the best activities to build up chest muscles are push-ups and their variations. Push up helps to develop and strengthen the pec muscles.

The lower part of the chest does require more training because there are no such muscles in the lower chest. Some standard push-ups and presses that build the upper chest also execute the lower chest.

We will discuss the exercises later briefly. But first, you should know about the entire cycle of the push-up routine of chest exercises at home. This routine neither required gym types of equipment nor too much time. It only needs 30 min to do it. Let’s see them. Just do three rounds of the following exercises. But first, make sure to warm up your chest muscles.

  • 10 regular push-ups
  • 60-second star jumps
  • 10 incline push-ups
  • 60-second star jumps
  • 10 decline push-ups
  • 60-seconds star jumps
  • 5 regular push-ups with time under tension
  • 30 mountain climbers

Check out this video:

How to do Different Push-up variations?

Push it, push it great!


  1. regular push-ups:

Regular Push-ups are the best exercise for Deltoid muscle, Triceps, and pec muscles.  You feel pec and deltoid muscles stretch right from your chest under your armpit as well as shoulders.
For an effective push up, you should maintain the exact and correct position of it. Push up position attributes are tight abs, flat back, neck aligned with spine, and elbows close to your sides.


  • Start knee on the mat and take your foot together behind you.
  • Have a hand aligned with your shoulder, making a high plank position.
  • Stand on your toes, and make a straight line from neck to toe.
  • Hand in forward, so your shoulder is positioned over your hands.
  • Slowly move towards the floor by keeping your neck aligned with your back and not making a hike from the back and hips.
  • Flair out your arm and move downward until your chin touches the ground.
  • Now push yourself back up.


  1. incline push-ups

Inclined push-up targets the main chest muscles by not pushing too much pressure to your elbow. You can do it easily at home; you just required a stable surface like a table, wall, or desk.


  • Stand straight by facing the table. Hold the edge of the table with shoulder width apart.
  • Make your arm straight, align it with the feet so your body is entirely straight.
  • Bend your elbow to lower your chest towards the bench while inhaling. Keep your body straight until it touches the edge of the table.
  • Now extend your elbow and move your body away from the bench.


  1. Decline Push-ups

Decline push-ups are one of the variations of regular push-ups. In this, you just put your feet on an elevated surface and other body parts at a downward angle.


  • Knee down by putting your hands on the floor and feet on the bench.
  • Make sure your shoulder and waist make a 45-degree angle with elbows.
  • Now slowly move your body downwards by bending your elbows and lowering your upper chest. Make sure to keep your body straight from neck to toe.


  1. Regular push-ups with time under tension

Time under tension is a phenomenon that checks how long a muscle is under stress.  It is a short period when your muscles feel pressure for strength and conditioning and bodybuilding.

In this, you slow down your regular push-up movements and pay notice to your posture. It helps increase your muscle massiveness when you slowly lower your body down and upwards with the same rhythm.