Chest And Back Exercises At Home — 7 Min To Do


Most people think that to tone and strength their core they should do heavy strength chest and back exercises at home. For these heavy strength exercises, you required to lift too many heavy-weights. But that’s not true. If you have a good workout plan, you can do it without weights because your body are able to design enough resistance and frictions to build up chest muscles and burning fats.

Finding exercises that work for your pec muscles, triceps and other related muscles is a daunting task. The main question that’s in everybody’s mind is “Which exercises works for the upper body or which is not?”. Which exercises you included in your upper body workout routine. How many times in a week you should do workouts for effective and better results?

Chest and back exercises at home

Chest and back exercises at home

This article design for upper body workout, here you can find a complete routine of exercises that make your chest stronger and broader and shape your back too. It’s a 7-mins cycle of chest and back exercises without any warm-ups. So first make sure to warm up your body. In this 7-min cycle, you find the best exercises for the upper body. This is not a daily workout routine; I recommend training chest and back only 2 – 3 times a week. Not more than that! Do these actions in a complete range of movements for better and effective results.

Let’s see them.


  1. Pushups: 3 sets of 10-15

Lie on the ground while straightening your arms, put your hands on the floor with shoulder-width apart. Make a straight core and rigid posture from neck to heel. Now, slowly bend your elbow towards the ground by making a 45-degree angle to the trunk. Hold when your chest touches the floor. Now move back to the mean position to complete the cycle.

  1. Decline Pushups: 3 sets of 10-15

This exercise is actually like the above one. But in Decline pushups, feet must be placed on any elevated surface, bench or box. The back and knees should straight and extended during pushups.

  1. Superman: 5 sets of AMRAP

Superman is an exercise that works on back muscles. Lie on your abdomen, straighten your body from head to toe and lift your head plus arms and foot plus toes above the ground with the same height. Now lowering your arms and legs to mean position for completion of the cycle.


  1. Floor press: 3 sets of 15 

Lie on the ground with folded knees. Flat feet on the ground while dumbbells on the hands and make it closer to the chest. Move dumbbells upward with arm length. Dumbbell’s touch faces at that position. Now move back to its mean spot.

  1. Superset: 3 sets of 10 decline pushups, 10 regular push-ups and incline pushups to failure 

Do the pushups and its variations decline and incline by grasp dumbbells on each hand. Decline pushups and regular pushups are mentions above. In incline pushups, the hands put on the edge of the table or any elevated surface. Then simply do pushups.

  1. Renegade row: 4 sets of 15 each arm 

Make a plank position, grab dumbbells in both hands, palm facing each other. The space between feet is shoulder-width apart. By pushing weight on your left hand, move by bending your right hand towards your core. Return the dumbbell to the mean position and do this with