20-Min Chest & Back Workout For Female — GYM Workout

Make Waist As Tiny As It Looks:

Do you think that it’s healthier to make the waist as tiny as possible? Women always complain about that. A healthy female body is less than 35 inches in the abdomen. But Women want to make their core looks smaller and slimmer. But How? There need to do some chest and back workout for female gym.

You can’t spot-reduce your waist. But you can lose weight by eating minimal calories and burning more extra fats.

Most women see themselves as paunchy because their waist size is 29 and dress is size six; however, that’s not big but!

Make Tiny waist
Make Tiny waist


The reason for this chubby look is your muscles in the back. 

Most females do lats exercise, helps to look their back smaller. That also helps to make your back straighter and more youthful. Also, back muscles need more attention for a beautiful and balanced look. Below are some Chest and back workout female gym collections.

Gym Pre Workout Stretching Exercises Of back:

These are the exercises to stretch your back muscles quickly. Pre-workout routines prevent you from pain, tight muscles, and other injuries.

  • Knees to Chest Stretch:

Lie on your back, hold and bend your knees towards your chest with your hands and Stretch inwards for 15s. Repeat nine times with little breaks.

Knees to Chest Stretch
Knees to Chest Stretch
  • Supine Twist Stretch:

Lie on your back, bend your knees. Keep your back flat on the floor and rotate your legs, lowering down toward the right. Hold for 15s and repeat nine times with little breaks.

Supine Twist Stretch
Supine Twist Stretch

 Full back workout: 

  • Scap Pullup:

Scap pullup is the combination of fluidity and establishment exercise for the shoulders and back.

After doing a group, rest for 60 seconds. Then, repeat all in 3 rounds.

Scap Pullup
Scap Pullup


  • Step #1:  Hand yourself from the Pullup bar with your shoulder width.
  • Step #2: By Lift your body upward and drawing the pullup bar downward. This motion is of few inches. But hold for few seconds at peak. 
  • Band Face Pull:

For these types of back exercises gym, you need a bend resistor. These exercises target particular muscles that are short but assist bigger muscles like the back and shoulder.

Band Face Pull
Band Face Pull


  • Step #1:  First, take an elastic exercise band and attach it to a rod. Grasp with both hands and extend until arm fully stretched. You feel the tension in the elastic band.
  • Step #2: Now, draw your elbows back with your shoulder and pull the band towards the neck level. Pause for some time, and then extend your arms like in the previous step.

Working on back exercises makes your body in shape, improves posture and strength. The above are total gym back exercises for females. 

Chest workout:

In posture, not just back and shoulder muscles only need attention. But pec also plays an equal importance in body posture. Pec is the smaller muscles located in the upper and beneath of the chest. Moreover, completely all chest muscles.

Women mostly feel shy to train their pec muscles, but chest workout for women at the gym is a non-surgical method to prepare their breast augmentation.

  • Incline Dumbbell Press: 

Incline Dumbbell press exercise requires an incline exercise bench. You can do this exercise on neutral, Incline, or decline; all positions with dumbbell on hands. You should do these exercises 15 times with 10s minor breaks. With dumbbell, you can also do exercises at home to build up your chest muscles.


  •  Lie with your back straight on the incline bench and push your shoulder backward.
  •  Take dumbbells straight, your hands upward and palms facing forward.
  •   Now, Lower the dumbbells in an inverted “V” towards the shoulders.
  •  When they are closed to your chest, inhale and raise it back slowly in the same “V” inverted position until both dumbbells touch each other faces.


  • Barbell Bench Press:

This is one of the central chest exercises that everyone can do on neutral, Incline or decline edges. You should do these exercises ten times with 10s minor breaks.


  • Step #1:   Lie with your back straight on the bench and place your feet wide on the floor. Make your abs tight and shoulders width-apart.
  • Step #2:  Make your arms 90 degrees to the floor and grip barbel stably with palm facing upward.
  • Step #3:  Slowly straighten your elbow and move your arms upward. Deep Inhale during this procedure.
  • Step #4:  Hold for a second and slowly move it back and exhale.