A New Cure As Covid 19 Vaccine Moderna


The Covid 19 vaccine is given to children in countries like Italy, the United Kingdom, France, and Denmark. Covid 19 vaccine Moderna has received a lot of criticism because it is believed to weaken the mother’s ability to protect her unborn child. However, the medical society now believes that the scientists were wrong as the scientific review board cleared the vaccine. There is a meeting hold between the World Health Organization’s vaccines committee and the vaccine manufacturer to discuss the vaccine and it is find that there is no problem with it.

HPV strain

The cavities that causes by the HPV strain are extremely difficult to treat as they present with high rates of mortality. They also present with severe disabilities on the mothers’ part. This is the reason why the scientists recommend a booster shot for the women. Who do not have adequate protection during the time they gave birth. It has found out that boosting the immunity of the mother during the second trimester can save her life.

CIVID stockpile vaccine – Covid 19 vaccine Moderna

The new improve CIVID stockpile vaccine make only by the Gates Foundation and was introduce in the United States only. This vaccine is one of the best products to be use during the second trimester and should be take by pregnant mothers who have not been vaccinate against the strain during the first or second trimester. If vaccinated, the fetus will be protected from all strains of the HPV virus. This is one of the most important vaccines against the human papillomavirus.

The scientists conducted a scientific review board and they found out that the vaccine has strong antiviral properties and it prevents the transfer of abnormal cells to the foetus. This will ensure the safety of the foetus and hence the safety of the baby. In addition, the mothers will not be infected if she takes the antiviral medication during pregnancy. It has also prove that the mothers who take this vaccine have a higher rate of survival compare to those who do not take this vaccine.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

The drug has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and is safe for use in all women and babies. Thus, this vaccine is the best protection against cervical cancer. Moreover, this vaccine will not allow any abnormalities to develop in the child. Hence, the women who are planning to become mothers now have nothing to worry about. A mother can protect her child with the help of a vaccine.

A woman who is planning to become pregnant must take this vaccine as soon as possible. However, there are several cases of this vaccine being contaminating with a case of smallpox which is fatal to children. Hence, women must take all precautions so that they do not become the victim of such an incidence. This is a new technology and doctors are trying their best to make it more effective. However, this vaccine has been proven to be very effective in reducing the threat of cervical cancer in women.


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