Dap Vaccine For Puppies


The Distemper combo vaccine was introduced into the market in October of 2020. The combination vaccine consists of two live viruses, namely distemper and rabies. Both the viruses have been linked to serious health risks to humans, including death. Because of this, the U.S. FDA had placed an emergency ban on sales of the puppies and kittens from these puppies’ parents’ breeding facilities. This is a precautionary measure to protect the general public from harm from these potent viruses.

Veterinarians And Animal Experts Admire Dap Vaccine

Although it is relatively new, it uses and recommends by veterinarians and animal experts. The combination of distemper and rabies vaccination are particularly valuable to domestic cats and dogs that spend a great deal of time outdoors, like hunting cats, playing with other animals, and living in overcrowded shelters and facilities. This is the only safe and effective way to protect against both distemper and rabies in these pets. However, the new dap vaccine has been subject to many claims of failure by both the owners and the veterinarians. Many owners convince that it provides unnecessary protection and are not using the vaccination as they shall.

Respiratory Infection is Gardasil

The core vaccine for this respiratory infection is Gardasil, which has been available in the United States since the mid-1990s. The core vaccine contains two of the four types of the virus that causes the disease. One is for a type A rabies virus, and the other is for a strain that affects kittens and puppies. In order for the canine to protect, it must have received the core vaccine when he or she was five weeks old or older. The amount of protection usually depends on the age of the dog. However, the amount of protection decreases significantly after the age of one. 

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Papanicolaou test (PATV) And Dap Vaccine

In addition to the core vaccine, there are also two other vaccines recommend for use in this disease. The first one is called the Papanicolaou test (PATV). It works by checking for evidence of distemper or parvoviruses in the dogs’ blood, or in the urine. If either virus is present, the corresponding body fluids will be tested for the presence of abnormal cells.

On a regular basis, the puppies will be given three doses of the dap vaccine, given one week apart. Some of the puppies will need a dose more than the others, depending on their weight at the time of vaccination. Sometimes, the weight of the pups will decrease during the first few weeks after their administration of the dap vaccine. But this should not a cause for alarm since the decrease in weight causes by the body’s immune system trying to recover from the illness.

Dap Vaccine Gives to Puppies Once in A Month

On average, the dap vaccine should administer to the puppies once every four weeks. The number of weeks will vary between breeds and breeders. The dap vaccine should give every eight weeks to adolescent dogs. However, in special cases like those of purebreds, who rarely get sick, it might give every four weeks to reduce the risk of an adverse reaction occurring.

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