Edit what you find in fitbit charge-3 setups Today

Tap ‘Edit’ at the upper right of the tab display > Tap the red circle on the remaining metrics you do not need to see look > Tap ‘Save’ at the top right corner

Edit the purchase price of this Fit bit now

Tap ‘Edit’ at the upper right of the tab display > Drag the metrics to the sequence you want them in using the 3 traces on the Way right > Tap ‘Save’ at the upper right corner.

Five metrics will match in the upper section of this fitbit charge-3
now tab, and you also have a selection of Measures, Floors, Distance, Calories Burned, and Lively Minutes. To alter which metrics look, you will want to unstick the ones you do not need to reveal. You cannot swap metrics, however.

The Way to observe another day’s action on Fit bit

Tap the arrows at the Now tab’s Home section, below the Fit bit emblem at the top. The information that you see there’ll be what will likely be accessible for every day you return.

The Way to manually log meals, exercise, sleep, weight, water on Fit bit

Tap the’+’ at the right of this Exercise tab.

How to set up voice cues during a workout on Setup your Fitbit Charge 3

Tap the’+’ at the right of this Exercise tab. Pick the Cues menu. Set the ones you wish to listen to, if you want to hear them at all, at what frequency you’d love to listen to them, and in what quantity.

The best Way to control your audio in the Fit bit program

Tap the’+’ at the right of this Exercise tab.

The Way to find a breakdown of your Everyday action on fitbit charge 3 set up

Pick the metric that you need to see more info on from the Now tab, like steps. This may bring up a list in a listing format of your complete history daily of this specific metric.

The chart in the top presents a weekly overview; however, a further tap any of the times listed will provide you an hourly overview for this afternoon in a graph. You could even hold back on a specific hour to observe the info in number format for 15-minute periods.

The Way to find a breakdown of workout on Fit bit

Tap the Exercise section, and you will notice a breakdown of all of the numerous exercises you have completed, from walking to elliptical workouts.

The best Way to change a workout That’s Been miscategorised on Fit bit

To alter a workout that’s been wrongly categorized on fitbit charge 3 setup, tap the Exercise segment in Now > Tap on the activity that you would like to change ‘Categorise Exercise’ in the peak of the display > Select the suitable category.

The best Way to set a silent alarm in your Fit bit apparatus

Tap the Account icon at the upper left of the Now tab Tap on your action tracker > Silent Alerts > Establish New Alarm.

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