Like the how to set up fitbit charge 3 Versa, I’ve had a lot of particular minutes with the Fitbit Charge 3. These tips address Bluetooth associations, associated GPS, and accepting warnings.

With the Versa, I had adjusting issues, as a few others did yet the Charge 3 has matched up dependably for me. The issues I was having was not accepting warnings and not having the option to utilize associated GPS. The entirety of this originated from the way that the Charge 3 and my iPhone were not combined accurately.

They were sufficiently combine to adjust over my means and exercises however not to get warnings and utilize associate GPS for aerobic exercise examples, for example, trekking, climbing, strolling, and so forth,

Indeed, here is the thing that I did thus far it’s working. Thump on wood.

When setting up a Fitbit gadget you need to ensure that no other Bluetooth gadgets are associated with the telephone. The main other gadget that was associated was the Apple Watch Series 4. So I killed the Apple Watch.

In the event that you have some other Fitbit gadgets previously associated through the Fitbit application, it would likely be a smart thought to eliminate them through the application prior to setting up another Fitbit gadget.

These are directions for use with an iPhone yet a lot of it is pertinent to Android telephones too, particularly ensuring no other Bluetooth gadgets are associate when setting up, or fixing Bluetooth associations.

Not Able to Receive Notifications

When attempting to empower notices on the Charge 3 through the Fitbit application the menu determination for warning would perpetually attempt to stack. Make it difficult to set up warnings and this is an indication that the fitbit charge 3 and the telephone it is associate with isn’t imparting effectively. Whenever associated GPS isn’t working. That is another sign.

So I checked my Bluetooth settings on my iPhone and see that the Charge 3 was not recorde as being associate. The main other gadget that associate was the Apple Watch.

On the off chance that your Charge 3 isn’t associate. You’ll need to tap on the “I” image close to the Charge 3 in the rundown and decide to “Fail to remember This Device”. This doesn’t eliminate the Charge 3 from the Fitbit application. It just eliminates it from the Bluetooth settings. When we attempt to hinder it up once more, the association won’t be adulterated.

Subsequent to eliminating the gadget through the telephone’s Bluetooth settings, return to the Fitbit application. Select notices from the menu once more. This time you should see a discourse box show up inquiring as to whether you need to favor the “Bluetooth Pairing Request”. Pick “Pair”.

The Charge 3 should now be associate with your telephone through Bluetooth. When you click on Notifications again in the application you’ll have the option to choose which notices you might want to get.

Associated GPS

For associated GPS to work accurately, the Fitbit application needs to ready to run out of sight. This notice (see beneath) should spring up after you’ve set up your warnings. Snap “Proceed” to permit notice information to run out of sight.

I trust this aides and I’ll be at long last testing out the associated GPS soon. Perceiving how precise it is contrast with a few different wellness trackers and smartwatches. Search for those tests soon!


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