Liposomal As a Transport Mechanism For Vitamin C


Liposomal Vitamin C enriched fluid provides vitamin C in a more enhanced-absorbed form to support cell function and health, while also supporting immune function. This liposome-enriched fluid is used to provide the body with its daily dose of vitamin C. This liposome-enriched fluid is made through an innovative process that involves heat and pressure treatment. This liposome-enriched fluid is then injected into the gastrointestinal tract where it kills viruses and bacteria that are causing disease. It also enhances the absorption of vitamin C for faster action.

Absorption of vitamin C

Other than these liquids that are rich in vitamin C, there are other methods too for the delivery of vitamin C that can be used. In a nutshell, the most popular way of delivering vitamin C is in the form of ascorbic acid or Vitamin C powder. However, recent clinical studies have revealed that liposomal vitamin C is more effective than ascorbyl palmitate or vitamin C powder.

Both of these delivery systems have been tested using identical laboratory rats. The lipid fraction was made by using the protein precipitation method and the same liposome preparation as used in the studies. The results showed that the liposome-enriched water had increased blood levels of vitamin C by more than 40%.

In experiments on animals, liposomes protected DNA from oxidation by up to three times. It even slowed down DNA destruction caused by oxidative stress by preventing the damage of critical DNA regions. This makes the delivery of liposomal vitamin is more important than earlier belief. Oxidative damage of the cells leads to cancers, aging, and other age-related problems. The delivery of nutrients can prevent the development of such ailments.

Blood Flow

Vitamin C, unlike some other antioxidants, enhances the activity of nitric oxide, a molecule that enhances blood flow in the body. Nitric oxide promotes vascular efficiency, which means it improves blood flow. As blood flows, nutrients are also carried to the areas that need them. This action, known as vasodilation, is essential in dilating blood vessels during times of injury or illness and improving circulation of fluids and blood, such as in the case of treatment of various circulatory problems such as clogged arteries and rheumatic fever.

There have been a few clinical trials involving the use of liposomal vitamin C. One study showed that the bioavailability of this nutrient was much higher than that of other antioxidants. The absorption rates were much higher when the nutrient was administered with Vitamin C. The absorption rate of pure Vitamin C is very low, especially when taken as an antioxidant supplement. This means that people taking vitamin C supplements need to consume a lot more of these nutritional items to achieve the same level of bioavailability. Bioavailability of liposomal antioxidants is improved by combining Vitamin C with another antioxidant, such as Vitamin E. Another study found that although bioavailability of liposome was higher when coadministered with Vitamin C, the bioavailability of pure Vitamin C was significantly higher than when consumed alone. These results indicate that when pure Vitamin C is used as an individual supplement, its bioavailability is higher than when consumed in its natural state.

When using pure liposomal vitamin C, it is better to take these nutritional items in higher doses. Higher doses ensure better absorption and faster delivery to the body. A person may not be able to absorb all of the nutrients that are contained in one tablet. Taking more than required can lead to toxicity.

To prevent toxicity, use smaller amounts of the nutrient with regular meals or as snacks. It is recommended that the liposomal vitamin c should be taken as a pre-prepared tablet. It is easier for the body to assimilate into the body if it is incorporated in its natural form. It is best to use these nutritional items along with a regular dose of a main digestive process such as lactating hormones in order to avoid the risk of toxicity.


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