Urticaria Following pentavalent Vaccine Re-Immunization


A pentavalent vaccine, also called the 5-in-one vaccine, is a highly effective combined vaccine with at least five different vaccines in it, meant to actively safeguard individuals against a variety of diseases. pentavalent vaccines were first developed and introduced in Europe in the 1990s, but have been on the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) waiting list since 1993. The main ingredients are a mixture of proteins and gels that target a variety of different viruses, bacteria, and fungi. It has also been called the “Zoster vaccine.” Because of its effectiveness, this vaccine is the most commonly used and the one that is preferred for administering to children.

5-in-One Vaccine Pentavalent Vaccine

While this type of vaccine is best for preventing a variety of diseases, it cannot prevent smallpox, typhoid, meningitis, and poliomyelitis. Because these are causes by viruses, these diseases cannot be prevent. However, when administered during the early childhood stages, this vaccine can provide protection against diseases like measles, rubella, mumps, shingles, and mononucleosis. This vaccine has also proven itself effective in protecting children from chickenpox. It gives intravenously, this form of immunization is also safe for those. Whose immune systems have compromise by disease or illness.

Although some developing countries and some medical professionals believe that the pentavalent vaccine is unsafe. For use among young children, this line of defense has actually saved countless lives. A large number of deaths attributed to Salk disease. Caused by bacteria introduced by these vaccines, demonstrates the importance of such immunizations. There is currently a clinical trial going on in Brazil to determine. If a single dose of a vaccine, given six weeks before the start of the outbreak, will indeed reduce the number of reported Silk-like cases. The trial is being sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Vaccine, the Wellcome Trust, and by the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of Merck and vaccinate vaccines.

According to the World Health Organization, there are currently no known side effects due to the use of the pentavalent vaccine. This vaccine is administering to healthy children as well as to children with low birth weights. For those with preexisting conditions, it is imperative that they consult with their pediatrician before administering these vaccines. A number of countries around the globe are working on creating improve vaccines that are more immune system friendly and capable of combating a range of diseases.

Use Pentavalent Vaccines to Immunize their Children

India is one example of a country successfully using this new technology to bolster its immunization program. Last year, the Indian government announced a scheme that will award millions of dollars in financial assistance to parents. Who choose to use pentavalent vaccines to immunize their children. This is only the beginning. As more Asian nations look to develop safer and more effective vaccines. The pharmaceutical companies that produce these types of immunizations are moving fast to meet the demands. If you want to receive one of these shots, you will need to consult with your doctor to see what options are available to you.

There have been reports of serious adverse events following the administration of the entire pentavalent vaccine series. But the incidence rate is quite low. Symptoms only occur during the very early stages of disease. When most people are not even aware they have an illness. Most individuals experiencing these reactions do not immediately develop any symptoms. By the time these individuals do go to the doctor, the symptoms have usually gone away. Those individuals who do develop serious reactions should contact their medical health provider right away for further treatment.


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