Early Pregnancy Symptoms That Most Women Experience


You can experience pregnancy symptoms almost immediately after conception. Some women however report that after a few weeks they didn’t experience any such symptoms at all. Spotting or even light bleeding: if you’re expecting, spotting or even light bleeding during sexual intercourse is considered to be one of the first signs of pregnancy. Light bleeding can happen even at the time of urination and so it’s important that you see your doctor if this happens.

Cravings for Certain Food: Most of the time these are cravings for food that you normally wouldn’t normally craze about. In this case, the most common craving is chocolate. However, it doesn’t always mean that you will be consuming excessive amounts of chocolates this week 1. Some women on the other hand find it hard to get a hold of their craving for chocolates.

Dizziness: This is another one of the most popular pregnancy symptoms and also one of the most disturbing. Some women get so afraid that they do experience cramping that they actually panic and have a heart attack. It all depends on the woman. Some women find it easier to experience some amount of dizziness. On the other hand, if you experience feeling dizzy more than four times a week and if it keeps on recurring, then chances are you might have some level of hormonal imbalance.

Implantation Bleeding: Another one of the common early pregnancy symptoms. Implantation bleeding is also known as ectopic pregnancy symptoms. This happens when the egg implants outside the uterus walls. This could happen up to the 12th week of pregnancy, but it is a very rare condition. The reason for this early pregnancy symptom could be that the implantation did not take place or that something was wrong with the implantation process.

Morning sickness: This is one of those early pregnancy symptoms that are really annoying. Many mothers-to-be experience this during their first trimester, which explains the term morning sickness. It refers to nausea that occurs in the morning, which often leads to throwing up. There are many signs that could indicate a pregnant woman is experiencing morning sickness.

Nausea: This is also one of the pregnancy symptoms that can be quite troubling. It is characterized by the sudden rise of the temperature of the body. This is the most commonly found sign of implantation bleeding. If you are experiencing this symptom, then you may need to make sure that your temperature is normal when you wake up. The rising temperature is the first sign of pregnancy and occurs around two to six weeks after conception.

Missed Menstrual Cycle: This is one of the common early signs of pregnancy symptoms. It is characterized by missing the menstrual cycle or a lighter flow of bleeding. It is not hard to get used to as it does not usually cause discomfort. However, missing the monthly cycle is an indication of implantation bleeding. It is advised to check with your doctor if you experience this.

Fatigue: Another one of the early pregnancy symptoms is fatigue. You may experience tiredness and weakness, especially in the third trimester. The exhaustion can be caused by hormonal changes and this can also result in nausea and vomiting. Fatigue can also be caused by frequent urination, which is one of the early pregnancy symptoms of cramps. The cramps can be treated by drinking lots of fluids and avoiding spicy food.

Increased Hair Growth: Most women experience increased hair growth in the first few weeks after conception and this can be attributed to the changes in hormones. However, there are other reasons that can contribute to this. Some women experience this during implantation and this is also an early sign of pregnancy symptoms. When there is implantation bleeding, expect increased hair growth.


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