RZV Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness


Like any other new medical treatment, the RZV vaccine has its share of supporters and opponents. For those who are in favor of giving the RZV vaccine to children, there are many testimonials to read and there is also a lot of information available on the internet. However, it seems that not enough people are convinced and this vaccine is facing challenges. One of the reasons why some people are against the RZV vaccine is because of the number of reported cases of allergic reactions and also the fact that there was an outbreak of hepatitis from an unknown strain of the virus. Also, there have been cases of encephalitis and meningitis and a case of cancer.

Introduction to RZV Vaccine

The vaccine has been introduced into Australia under the provisions of the National Immunization Program in the Australian regions. The aim is to reduce the risk of serious complications such as encephalitis and meningitis. The program has implements in the rzv vaccine co-ad group and the unco-ad group. The program has given three years and is estimate to be having a high level of success with more than 90% of kids vaccinate in the first few months. However, there have been questions raise the safety profile of the vaccine.

What is in the flu vaccine?

RZV Vaccine-Benefits for the Elderly

The report that the RZV vaccine may not provide significant benefits for the elderly or those with chronic or recurring infections. The vaccine, not reports providing substantial protection against illness caused by Japanese encephalitis, cholera, or typhoid, even when recipients receive immune suppressants and other medications. Moreover, there is no proof that the RZV vaccine can prevent herpes infection, meningitis, or other complications associated with the swine flu.

Based on data provides by the pharmaceutical companies, the clinical trials conducted for the RZV vaccine show that safety profiles not improve with time and that the vaccine remains susceptible to strains of the virus that were unknown when the product can approve.

The manufacturers claim that these data are based on un-blind data, but the regulatory bodies question this claim. Saying that well tolerate events identify during the early stages of development. That most of the vaccine-relate adverse events identify up to now have been associate with secondary types of infections. RZV vaccine safety profile ten years after the product’s release has not established any significant differences in the proportion of events associated with VZV-infected versus control subjects.

RZV-infected children in the United States

There have been no studies showing any improvement in children’s immunity to chickenpox, measles or listeria. Compared with the period, Before the introduction of the RZV vaccine. According to a recent press release, the proportion of RZV-infected children in the United States. Who experience a rash or other symptoms is increasing. There are also reports of well tolerate illnesses, such as chickenpox. Similarly, the proportion of children experiencing allergic reactions to the vaccine has been increasing over time.

Increased usage of antibiotics

It is not clear why the incidence of VZV-related complications has been increasing over time. Some believe that poor maintenance of the vaccine may be a major cause. Another potential cause is the increased usage of antibiotics since its approval. Antibiotics reduce the effectiveness of immunocompetent vaccines, such as RZV. If care takes to follow instructions in using antibiotics. And to ensure that the body is able to properly digest and metabolize vaccines. Then the possible risk of VZV infection can be limited.

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