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The Fitbit Charge a fitness tracker wearable that keeps track of your levels of activity and goals. It connects to your smartphone or computer to show the right date and time. However, some users may have difficulty setting the date or time in their phone’s Charge. For instance, if frequent travel is your habit it is possible to change the time of the device to correspond with your current location. To correct this problem Follow these steps.

To Correct This Problem Follow These Steps

The first step is to ensure that your smartphone and Fitbit are both connected. Then, you can manually alter the time of your Fitbit by pressing the “Sync” button. If you can’t find the button on your smartphone You can make use of it by using the “Sync” feature on your Fitbit to make adjustments. You can also connect your device to your computer through syncing with your smartphone. To set the timer for your Fitbit Charge by hand first, you need to ensure that the device is linked to your computer.

If you’re looking to change the timezone on Your Fitbit Charge it is necessary to exit the Fitbit app, and then turn off Bluetooth on your mobile and tracker. Open the app’s dashboard and tap on the tab ‘Setting Clock. Choose the time zone you want the Fitbit Charge to show. If the time is accurate you can simply click “Set Time.” Then your Fitbit will sync the data.

Change Time Zone

If you’d like to change the time zone of the Charge of your Fitbit, you are able to change the time zone by accessing the Fitbit app. Select the profile, then click App Settings. On the Time Zone tab, tap “Set Automatically” and then select “Change Time Zone. The Charge will now show your time for the location you chose. If you want to change it manually move your finger down the screen to open an option menu.

To change the time zone of your Fitbit start your Fitbit app and then click the Fitbit icon. Select the “Time Zone menu. It is necessary to select the time zone from the Time Zone section. To switch the time zone of Your Fitbit Charge just swipe downwards on the dashboard of the app. After choosing the time zone you want to change then tap “Set Automatically” to change the time of your device.

Settings Tab

If you want to change the time of the Fitbit Charge, it are able to alter its time zone within the Fitbit app. For this to be done, hit the ‘Settings’ tab. You’ll need to input your password to access your Fitbit dashboard. In the Dashboard, select the ‘Personal Information’ button. If you wish switch the zone of your time input your email address. If you’d like to change the timezone on your Charge, you’ll be able to navigate to the settings via the mobile app on your device.

To change the time zone of the Fitbit Charge open your App settings menu. For changing the zone of time, click the General tab and select “Set Automatically”. If you wish change your time zone for your Fitbit Charge device, turn off your automatic setting. Once you’ve changed the timezone, you must re-synchronize your device to refresh the information. You can also alter the timezone in your Fitbit App by pressing the “Time” button.

Alter The Time Displayed For Your Charge Fitbit

To alter the time displayed for your Charge Fitbit, it is necessary to change the time of your phone’s zone. You must connect it to your mobile phone for this. Make sure that the device is located in that same timezone with your phone. That will make sure that the time that you have on the Charge device is correct. Maintaining track of time is an essential aspect of a healthy lifestyle. To get started, you must open the app and then click the button to change the timezone.

To alter the time displayed in your Fitbit Charge connect it to your phone. After syncing your phone to your Fitbit it is possible to alter the time zone on the app. In order to do that, you need to open your Fitbit app and navigate to settings > timezone>>>. To alter the time on your Charge, you’ll have to sync it to your phone. You can do this by resyncing your Fitbit with your phone.


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