Symptoms Of Sickle Cell Anemia


Sickle Cell Anemia is just one of several disorders called sickle cell anemia. The inherited disorder where there are not enough healthy red blood corpuscles to carry oxygen through your system. Without enough healthy red blood corpuscles, your system cannot receive enough oxygen, resulting in fatigue. This is often caused by the hemoglobin in your blood being unable to transport oxygen to tissues.

sickle cell anemia

The symptoms for sickle cell anemia usually do not show until a person is middle age or older. Early symptoms may include fatigue, palpitations, irregular heartbeat, unexplained weight loss, and shortness of breath. As people get older, these symptoms can become more severe. If not treated, they can lead to very serious medical conditions.

The most common symptom of sickle cell anemia involves shortness of breath. People who have this condition often experience shortness of breath during rest or during activity. The reason for this is because the sickle cells are unable to transport oxygenated blood from the bone marrow to the vital organs. Because of this, a person’s oxygen levels are very low in some regions of the body, and the person has very little breath.

Symptom Can Painful Urination

Another symptom of sickle cell anemia includes painful urination, also known as priapism. This symptom causes an improper flow of urine, causing severe pain that can result in embarrassment. Some people with this condition also experience painful sexual intercourse. The most common cause of this painful urination is due to the fact that the organ that transfers oxygen to the bloodstream, the kidney, is unable to function properly because it is attached to the sickle cell part of the kidney.

When sickle cell anemia progresses to a complication known as anemia, the patient usually experiences poor blood performance during physical activities. The muscles and tissues do not work properly, and they may begin to strain when the heart is pumping blood. Some patients even have impaired mental functions because their brain’s electrical activity is different than it should be. People with anemia usually have problems walking or going up and down ladders.

People with sickle cell anemia can have many different symptoms that can occur in the body. Some of these include pain and swelling in the joints, skin, and skin lesions; fatigue; frequent urination; loss of appetite; and an abnormal blood count (if the count is higher than normal for that person). However, despite all of these symptoms, no definite test for the disease exists. The only way to confirm that a person has the illness is by performing tests such as bone marrow testing and x-ray studies.

Sickle Cell Anemia Can Consist Of Medical Care

Once diagnosed with sickle cell anemia, treatment can consist of medical care, including Blood transfusions or loctapics to replace lost blood, surgery to remove diseased veins and remove sickle cells, and drugs to protect the kidneys and help reduce pain. It is extremely important that sickle cell anemia treat immediately because if left untreated. The disorder could lead to serious health complications later in life such as iron-deficiency anemia, pericarditis, thrombosis, pleurisy, and heart attack. If you are concerned that you have this condition, you should see a doctor immediately. Left untreated, the disease could lead to heart failure, kidney failure, and heart attack. It is critical to receive medical care as soon as possible.

Many sickle cell anemia cases can treat with drugs, diet, and physical therapy. Medications use to control pain while some people have surgery to remove sickle cells or to remove diseased veins. The treatment can involve just keeping the bone marrow healthy and making sure that a person eats a proper diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, calcium, and protein, and takes regular exercise. If pain persists or gets worse, you should see a doctor right away.

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