Back Exercises For Women – Three Basic Exercise


As a personal trainer who works with both men and women I am asked all the time about back exercises for women
. The first question most men ask is how to set up and do back exercises properly for women, because many women are intimidated by exercise and the equipment involved in doing the exercises. This is why I love working with women because they can benefit from Pilates weight loss workout routines, because Pilates works so well for strengthening core muscles, improving flexibility and overall body conditioning.

It may seem simple, but the basic principles of Pilates make it very easy to incorporate into any fitness program. First you need to learn how to control your body using your body weight and nothing else, then you need to learn how to perform the correct movements in each posture. Then you need to learn how to vary these movements between your reps and between back exercise for women. Once you learn how to do all of this you will be able to increase the weights or reps you use and make them more intense.

Three Basic Exercise For Your Back!

Here’s a great way to do some really intense resistance training without the stress on joints that can cause injury. Stand on a medicine ball or some type of stability chair and place two dumbbells straight above the head. Now you just need to focus on using the weights as resistance to keep yourself stable, then lower the weights back down to the starting position. Repeat this process three times.

Now let’s take this same back exercises, but this time do it using your legs. Stand on a stability ball or chair with your feet hip distance apart. With your right leg lift your left arm off the ground and place it behind your back. With your left leg lift your right arm off the ground and place it behind your right leg. Do this three sets with one arm each leg.

The next exercise is the flat dumbbell press. This will target your back because the dumbbells are placed on the glutes. To do this set up like the previous exercise. Perform the standard dumbbell press, then lower the weights back down and repeat. This is targeting your back muscles the most.

The final two back exercises for women for women I have for you today are the flies and the pliers. The flies are performed in the standing position, then take a dumbbell in each hand and place them on the top position. Then take your dominant hand and slowly lower the weights back to the start position slowly. Pliers are the same as the flat dumbbells except this time use your legs to lift the weights instead of your arms. Start by using light weights and doing three sets with each arm.

The third exercise is the plank. To do the plank simply lift your legs up under you, hold them and repeat on the other side. You should do three sets with each leg. To perform the plank correctly start with a laying position. Then raise your body up slowly and repeat.

The final back exercises for women I have for you today are the lat pulldown and the flat dumbbell row. These two exercises serve to help build strength in your shoulder and triceps. The lat pulldown is done lying down on a bench and then lifting the dumbbells above your head and holding them below your neck and chest area. The flat dumbbell row is performed standing with a dumbbell in each hand. Do three sets with each side.


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