Treatments For Facial Nerve Pain


Trigeminal neuralgia, better known as facial tic douloureux, treatments for facial nerve pain can be described as the worst pain known to mankind. The pain usually involves only the lower portion of the face and jaw, while at times it also affects the upper portion of the face and near the ear. When this disorder strikes, it can be so intense that it may keep people from even opening their eyes. This article will provide some information on this condition.

trigeminal neuralgia

Facial tics are characterized by the abrupt, recurrent, highly infrequent and brief occurrence of facial twitches. A person suffering from this condition may also experience nausea, dizziness, a stuffy nose, sore throat and other associated symptoms. It is usually not serious, but there are occasions when it can be fatal. In order to detect the presence of this condition, patients should consult with a doctor who specializes intreatments for facial nerve pain tics. The doctor will conduct some tests on the patient in order to establish what kind of symptoms to look out for, and will provide a professional opinion as to whether the symptoms are trigeminal neuralgia or something else.

In addition, the doctor will usually have his or her patients to complete a questionnaire about the medications they take. If the symptoms are caused by a specific drug, the doctor will either exclude it from the patients’ treatment or give a prescription for a different medication. This is also why patients are advised to let their doctors know about any drugs taken which might trigger the onset of trigeminal neuralgia. Patients who have shorter pain-free periods (also known as Q-Toward) are more likely to have this condition compared to those who have longer pain-free periods.

There are different kinds of procedures that can treat this condition. One of them is called percutaneous stereotactic rhizotomy. This procedure is sometimes combined with laser peripheral iridotomy. Percutaneous stereotactic rhizotomy is performed by making a small incision in the treatments for facial nerve pain. Once this is done, the doctor inserts a microcannula through the skin into the affected nerve, which is then covered with a face shield.

Another type of treatment for treating trigeminal neuralgia pain is with the use of neurostimulator or neurotherapy. This is often combined with interferon injections. Unlike in the previous case, this method is used only on the areas affected by the disease. Patients usually have to return to regular activities after completing neurostimulator or neurotherapy treatments. Patients can resume light exercise and swimming once they are done with the treatments.

This procedure is performed by injecting a solution or gel into the affected areas via the nose. This gel or liquid is then slowly injected into the blood vessels that provide blood to the facial area. The process causes a change in the permeability of the cells and this leads to the increase in the blood flow, which, in turn, increases the mobility of the affected nerve fibers. Neurosurgery is used in cases where oral medications do not work and it is necessary for the patient to undergo this procedure. Some patients also opt for microvascular decompression.

In this procedure, a very thin tube or “cranial tube” is introduced into the cranium. Through this device, cranial suction is applied so as to decrease the surface tension of the trigeminal nerve. The result of this procedure is that the damaged part of the nerve becomes less stiff and is thus less susceptible to pain. The tube is eventually removed after one to two weeks.

The treatment for trigeminal neuralgia must be started at the early stages of the disease to prevent the symptoms from getting worse. This is important because the disorder begins with pain signals from the face but if the condition is not taken care of at the right time, it may lead to severe complications like stroke and possible paralysis of treatments for facial nerve painmuscles. In order to prevent these complications, it is important to get a doctor to diagnose the problem and recommend the treatment for the condition. Medication is normally recommended for this condition, since the main cause is due to insufficient blood supply to the nerves.


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