Risk Factors and Treatment Options for Varicose Veins


Varicose veins appear as large, bulging, inflamed blood vessels which either turn and twist themselves or pool together beneath the surface of the skin, often causing a dull purplish appearance. They are most often form in the lower legs, though they can appear in other areas as well. Sometimes, varicose veins aren’t always visible. Some people who have them might not even know they have them, but it is possible to spot them under a magnifying glass.

Many of these problems occur because of the way blood circulates in the body. If the valves within the blood cells are weak or are faulty, some of the blood circulates faster than it should, which leads to pools of stagnant blood in the legs. This is one of the primary complications of varicose veins.

varicose veins

One of the main reasons someone might have this condition is due to standing for long periods of time. Standing, like all types of exertion, increases pressure on the body, and those who are constantly sitting down may be at an increased risk of varicose veins. In order to take advantage of improved circulation and relieve the stress of sitting for long periods of time, doctors recommend patients wear supportive stockings and have their legs elevated during the period they are sitting. Elevating the legs helps relieve pressure on the lower legs and also provides a greater blood flow throughout the leg.

Painful Symptoms Of Varicose Veins

Some people are naturally more genetically ready than others. These individuals tend to have weaker veins, which can make blood flow more easily. Those individuals with varicose veins may find that certain medical conditions can interfere with proper blood flow or that the valves within their veins can become damaged, resulting in the pooling of the blood. This can lead to painful symptoms, which can lead to varicose veins.

Other factors that can lead to the development of varicose veins include smoking, being overweight, a history of previous flare-ups, and unhealthy eating habits. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and are wondering if treatment may be necessary, you should consult your doctor. He or she can conduct testing and analysis to determine whether or not. You have these veins and if they are causing your discomfort and complications.

Being overweight has been known to increase a person’s risk of developing this condition. Individuals who are overweight tend to have larger waists, legs, and arms. Those who are considering to be obese have a greater chance of developing both bulging and varicose veins. Because those who are overweight tend to have a greater chance of developing this complication, physicians often prescribe medications to patients who are overweight. These medications can either use to treat the current symptoms or prevent additional symptoms from occurring.

The Harmful Effects Of Smoking

Smoking is also another known risk factor for varicose veins. Smoking has been known to dramatically increase the pressure on the blood vessels. If you are a smoker, it is in your best interest to quit smoking now. The harmful effects of smoking extend beyond simply having an increased risk of varicose veins. Smoking increases the risk of serious health complications such as heart disease.

It is also important that those who are overweight do not let their weight gain a foothold on their bodies. Losing even a couple of pounds can significantly decrease. A person’s chances of having or developing symptoms and complications from varicose veins. Individuals who are overweight need to focus on their diet and exercise programs. If they want to avoid unnecessary pain and suffering. In addition to following a healthy diet and exercising regularly. They should also look into the possibility of having one-way valves inside of their bodies. So that their blood flows in a smooth, one-paced manner.


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